Sunday, 21 September 2014

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Music Break - with - Geordie's Choice

Never been to the Big Apple but the other New York City takes me back to a place where I have been and if you have also been there I hope you're doing fine now.

Ah Liz

I did love you

And Sarah, and Amanda, and Angelica and just about anyone with an "ah" at the end of their name.

Nu York - An Outside View

When most buildings were not much bigger than a tree

And many could see from their window if approaching clouds would dump their load in the road

And feed the tree

Or fill the sea

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi

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The Battle Song Of Liberty


The battle song of liberty

Lyrics by Jack Yellen

Music by F. E. Bigelow

Its the roar and rattle of Freedoms battle
Thats calling us over the sea,
Where a mighty foe has challenged us, boys
Its up to you and to me;
So get Old Glory, well make em sorry
That they ever dreamed of this fight.
Were on our way with a Hip! Hooray!
Just to do what we know to be right.
So heres to Uncle Sammy faithful and true;
Heres to our banner of red, white and blue;
And heres to all good fellows on land and sea
Singing the Battle Song of Liberty.

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Liberty Enlightening The World


Liberty Enlightening The World

Photo-gravures from negatives and drawings made by permission of the American Committee.


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